Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What to Check if Your Lamp Isn't Working

Our daily lives rely heavily on lamps, but their ubiquitous light is sometimes forgotten until a problem arises. These are some of the more common problems your lamps may encounter.
  • If the light bulb will not light – Check the bulb first. This is always an easy first step. The bulb may be burnt out or just loose in the socket. Check that it is plugged in, as silly as it sounds this may be the only problem. Energy-efficient CFL light bulbs tend to last longer than traditional filament light bulbs.
  • The light turns on, but it flickers – This is either the sign of a dying light bulb or a bad connection somewhere in the circuitry. If you change the bulb and it still occurs then the problem is most likely with the wiring. This is when it is important to call a lamp repair shop.
  • The turns on and off – Check the wattage of the bulb in the socket, and the wattage of the socket itself. Often, this means that the wattage of the bulb exceeds the wattage of the socket. The maximum wattage will be listed on a tag attached to the socket.
  • Check the chord – Not just to see if it is plugged in, but check that it isn't frayed at any point. A frayed wire can cause a bad connection between the wall outlet and the lamp itself.

Try plugging an electrical device into the outlet where the lamp was connected. If this item doesn't work when connected, then check your homes fuse box. If you believe that it is something internal to the wiring in your lamp then bring it to Shades of Soho. We are a New Jersey lamp repair company that specializes in repairing lighting fixtures and antique lamps.  

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