Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief at Shades of Soho

At Shades of Soho, we are all doing our best to return to normalcy in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and we know it is not easy. So many people have been impacted by this storm and it really hits close to home. Our lamp shop of NJ is home to so many long-time customers who have experienced first-hand the devastation and loss that has followed the hurricane. Sam and Bryan are native New Jerseyians themselves. The Garden State has served as the backdrop for their upbringing, education and business. We know that this is a troubling time for everyone, but we want to take action and give back in some way.

For the remainder of this year our NJ lamp shop will be offering 10% off all of our in-house products and services as well as 10% off any items on the Shades of Soho website. We will be donating 5% of all sales to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. At a time like this, we are proud to say that at Shades of Soho we design all of our own lighting products, which means that every lamp shade we sell is 100% New Jersey made. Our operations and flow of sales have been greatly impacted, leaving us also negatively impacted in the wake of the storm so we need all the help we can get.

When you purchase a lamp or chandelier from our lamp shop of Bergen County, you are not only helping our business stay afloat, but also contributing to Hurricane Sandy Relief. Our lamps come in a multitude of different shades and styles and our chandeliers are unique in design and feature beautiful beadwork and bright pops of color.

By posting this blog post on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and more, you are helping our shop see another day and supporting the victims of Hurricane Sandy. To learn more about Hurricane Sandy Relief, check out Tara's blog post: In The Wake Of SandyWe thank you in advance for your time and support! For more information, contact Shades of Soho at (201) 857-2266 to learn more about what our Bergen County lamp shop has to offer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lampshade Restoration in North NJ

In today's society, we tend to have a “disposable” mentality. We buy a phone, and half a year later its better-looking successor appears on the market. We stand in line to try out the latest restaurant, and a minute later, at hipper and trendier food establishment has opened up around the corner. We don't know which way to turn our heads because of all the ever-evolving technology, entertainment, and merchandise constantly thrown our way. This kind of Consumer A.D.D make us abandon what we own without a second thought, and rush out to catch the latest version before it too, loses its appeal. Shades of Soho offers a welcomed alternative to all the madness. When your lampshade breaks, you can come to us for lampshade restoration in North NJ. We will happily fix your item, rather than just try to throw something brand new at you.

We understand the sentimental value of a lampshade. If you are unwilling to get rid of it, or you are afraid you will never find one as unique and special, we will collaborate with you on its recovery and fix up your old frame with some fresh swatches of fabric. We want to make sure that the customer feels fully involved in the North NJ lampshade restoration process. To that end, we always give you the option of bringing in your own materials if you decide not to choose from our collection of fabrics and trims. While we recover the shade, we will make sure to check the inside as well. If the inner lining is torn or worn out, we can fix it or replace it.

We always recommend you bring in your lamp to our shop. This helps us to come up with more options for you and to also brainstorm a completely new aesthetic for your lamp, if you decide to try something different. If you have any questions about lampshade restoration in North NJ, or want to check out our store, please visit our Glen Rock, NJ location and give us a call at 201-785-7646.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Custom Lamp Shades

Decorating your home is a great opportunity to show off your personality. You can go for the clean and classic look with a cream and white colored aesthetic, or more modern with sharp lines and metal accents. You could take the schizophrenic approach, and throw in some classic AND modern touches, but whatever you do, you should always have fun with it. Shades of Soho echoes this sentiment, always making sure to throw in punches of color and interesting shapes and designs in their custom lamp shades in North Jersey.

Our shades come in a color and shape to suit everyone's taste. We have shades in peach, vermillion, mustard yellow, chartreuse, sky blue, muted green, deep cherry red, hot pink and much more. When it comes to lampshades, the sky is the limit. We have a limitless selection and we are looking out for your best interests. By that, we mean that if you use our frames, fabrics and trims, we consider the item to be stock, which means if you do not see something you like, we can always make you a custom lamp shades in North Jersey at the same price that it would have been if it were already out on display in the store.

Our main goal is to partner up with our customers and work together on getting you exactly what you want. We do not want you to settle, or to walk out of our store feeling like what you pictured in your head did not materialize in front of you. To that end, we encourage you to bring your paint swatches, fabric swatches or photos of the rooms inside your house, so that we can visualize what kind of custom lamp shade in North Jersey you want, and we can envision where the finished product will end up.

Shades of Soho was recently featured in an article on North In a discussion of different kinds of mid-century modern design, Bryan Kule, the owner of Shades of Soho, talks about his custom lamp shades in North Jersey and recommends that customers avoid “playing it safe.” He recommends taking a design “risk” and picking a unique shape for the shade. By choosing a “hard-paper lampshade in fabric and in color” you can keep the fixture looking stylistically relevant, but still unusual and special.

To get a better idea of what we are talking about, and to see the custom lamp shades in North Jersey for yourself, we welcome you stop in to our Shades of Soho store – located in Glen Rock NJ.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lamp Repair Services in North Jersey

When something beloved and cherished falls apart what does the typical person do? First, there may be some tears, but afterwards, the search for the right repairman sets in. Let's say an old lamp, passed down from generation to generation conks out. It's too sentimental to discard, but it also can't be placed in the hands of just any random person. Enter Shades of Soho for lamp repair in North JerseyThis boutique lamp and chandelier store understands the importance of preserving a delicate lighting fixture. It'll be fixed and illuminating your home before you know it.

Rather than employing catch-all solutions, the company approaches lamp repair in North Jersey on a case-by-case basis. The ensuing repair can either be as simple as tightening one part, or as complicated as rewiring the entire piece. No matter how elaborate or antique the device may be, Shades of Soho has the skills and tools to complete any type of repair - for lamps, chandeliers, or any other portable interior or exterior lighting.

The store owners Bryan, Tara, and Sam are very passionate about what they sell. They produce and design all of their own lighting products. Also, these items cannot be found anywhere else but their New Jersey stores. Not afraid to take risks, their lamps and chandeliers burst with color and innovative design elements. Take one look at their products and it is clear that these people really enjoy what they are doing. This kind of dedication and enthusiasm assures that when you turn to Shades of Soho for lamp repair in North Jersey, your broken lamp will be handled with care and attention.

For more information about lamp repair in North Jersey, contact Shades of Soho at 201-857-2266 or 201-660-7095 or drop by their Glen Rock location.

About Us

When you go away to college, you hope and pray that you will have a cool, sane roommate. Someone who wont steal your food or practice satanic rituals in the wee hours of the morning. In the case of Bryan and Sam, one can assume they got on famously, seeing as how they not only survived living together but then went on to work together too. They got jobs at a lampshade factory, learning the ins and outs of the business, back when American manufacturing still had some pull.

Many years later, the economic climate had changed. They bought the company, but came to the sad realization that they would never be able to compete with Chinese imports. This roadblock actually ended up opening new doors for the men: they were forced to think outside the box, changing their business direction, and making new plans. They started dreaming up at lighting shop in North Jersey. 

During this time, Bryan met his future wife Tara, who brought something new to the table. When she took over the small factory-located store, the predictable, beige lighting motif didn't fit her colorful design aesthetic. She wanted to add more vibrancy to the products. When Bryan saw how much of a liking people took to her brighter approach, he threw the dated styling out the window, and embraced more bold and daring design choices. By late 2009, they could no longer compete as a manufacturer, so they re-branded themselves, adopting a funky approach, dubbing their lamps Eclectic Traditional, and thus, Shades of Soho lighting shop in North Jersey, took its first breath.

So what is Shades of Soho all about? Sam, Bryan, and Tara make and design every single product sold in store. All lamps and chandeliers are 100% New Jersey made and only sold in their Glen Rock Store. The owners are very passionate about this trifecta: Fashion-Function-Design. They understand the power that a high quality lamp or chandelier can have on a home. Come check out their lighting shop in North Jersey today!