Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lampshade Restoration in North NJ

In today's society, we tend to have a “disposable” mentality. We buy a phone, and half a year later its better-looking successor appears on the market. We stand in line to try out the latest restaurant, and a minute later, at hipper and trendier food establishment has opened up around the corner. We don't know which way to turn our heads because of all the ever-evolving technology, entertainment, and merchandise constantly thrown our way. This kind of Consumer A.D.D make us abandon what we own without a second thought, and rush out to catch the latest version before it too, loses its appeal. Shades of Soho offers a welcomed alternative to all the madness. When your lampshade breaks, you can come to us for lampshade restoration in North NJ. We will happily fix your item, rather than just try to throw something brand new at you.

We understand the sentimental value of a lampshade. If you are unwilling to get rid of it, or you are afraid you will never find one as unique and special, we will collaborate with you on its recovery and fix up your old frame with some fresh swatches of fabric. We want to make sure that the customer feels fully involved in the North NJ lampshade restoration process. To that end, we always give you the option of bringing in your own materials if you decide not to choose from our collection of fabrics and trims. While we recover the shade, we will make sure to check the inside as well. If the inner lining is torn or worn out, we can fix it or replace it.

We always recommend you bring in your lamp to our shop. This helps us to come up with more options for you and to also brainstorm a completely new aesthetic for your lamp, if you decide to try something different. If you have any questions about lampshade restoration in North NJ, or want to check out our store, please visit our Glen Rock, NJ location and give us a call at 201-785-7646.  

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