Wednesday, July 18, 2012

About Us

When you go away to college, you hope and pray that you will have a cool, sane roommate. Someone who wont steal your food or practice satanic rituals in the wee hours of the morning. In the case of Bryan and Sam, one can assume they got on famously, seeing as how they not only survived living together but then went on to work together too. They got jobs at a lampshade factory, learning the ins and outs of the business, back when American manufacturing still had some pull.

Many years later, the economic climate had changed. They bought the company, but came to the sad realization that they would never be able to compete with Chinese imports. This roadblock actually ended up opening new doors for the men: they were forced to think outside the box, changing their business direction, and making new plans. They started dreaming up at lighting shop in North Jersey. 

During this time, Bryan met his future wife Tara, who brought something new to the table. When she took over the small factory-located store, the predictable, beige lighting motif didn't fit her colorful design aesthetic. She wanted to add more vibrancy to the products. When Bryan saw how much of a liking people took to her brighter approach, he threw the dated styling out the window, and embraced more bold and daring design choices. By late 2009, they could no longer compete as a manufacturer, so they re-branded themselves, adopting a funky approach, dubbing their lamps Eclectic Traditional, and thus, Shades of Soho lighting shop in North Jersey, took its first breath.

So what is Shades of Soho all about? Sam, Bryan, and Tara make and design every single product sold in store. All lamps and chandeliers are 100% New Jersey made and only sold in their Glen Rock Store. The owners are very passionate about this trifecta: Fashion-Function-Design. They understand the power that a high quality lamp or chandelier can have on a home. Come check out their lighting shop in North Jersey today!

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