Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Custom-Made Lighting Fixtures Available at Shades of Soho

If you are searching for a way to incorporate style, functionality and beautiful designs in your home, Shades of Soho is a chandelier shop in North Jersey that can help you accomplish just that.

Shades of Soho, located in Glen Rock, NJ, is a boutique lighting store that provides much more than your typical lighting fixtures. We offer one-of-a-kind custom fixtures that are not sold anywhere else except directly through us. Every product sold in our NJ chandelier shop is American-made and handcrafted to each individual customer's liking.

We firmly believe that lighting is the focal point in any room, and the moods of people truly can be changed when they are exposed to different types of lighting. We do everything we can to not only make sure that your lighting fixture fits seamlessly into your home, but also that you are completely satisfied with the fixture that you purchase.

At our North Jersey chandelier shop, you have the ability to choose the fabric, colors and finish that will be combined together to provide you with your ideal lighting fixture. Whether you want a more classic or elegant design, or if you want something that is funky and unlike anything else you have ever seen, our professionals will design and make a product that will fulfill your exact specifications.

Whether you design your own fixture or purchase one of our in-store designs, each lighting fixture is individual in some way. We will work with you to help you determine the best way to illuminate your home and your life. For more information about our chandelier shop in North Jersey, contact Shades of Soho today at 201-785-SOHO (7646).

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